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 Vision Trusted Global Solution Provider To Financial Institutions


To become the most trusted global solution provider to financial institutions by addressing their ever dynamic business needs aiming at operational efficiency, ROI, automation and innovation.

Empowering through Knowledge


To significantly enhance and empower the client's decision making process by providing knowledge-based services and being the preferred solution provider.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Credence Analytics is elaborated in value system adopted by the company for a long time.

The values system can be defined from three different perspectives. How do we want our customers perceive us? How do we want to help our customers? How do we treat each individual of this group called Credence Analytics? The “Credence Credo” tries to answer these questions. The Credo has three pivots that are intrinsically linked together. Each of these pivots enables us to define ourselves and also establish the linkage to the other two pivots.

The Mission Statement Of Credence Analytics Is Elaborated In Value System Adopted By The Company For A Long Time

Credence Credo


Significant value add to customer's business using Domian & Technology strive to meet and better commitments to clients


Encourage individual excellence by tailoring roles to harness individual's unique Strength Allow greater sharing of Responsibility and Ownership


Provide most mature solution in the market by thinking of best practices Deliver solutions Quickest way and at lowest cost