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The Credence Analytics Advantage

As a leading provider of Treasury, Investment, Wealth & Portfolio Management, Fund Administration, Investor Servicing and Risk Management solutions.

Credence Analytics plays an integral role in how business is transformed – now and in the future. Our products & solutions are used by over 10000 Market professionals in more than 10+ countries. With a strong global footprint of 100+ customer installations, our customers operate in a diverse range of developed and emerging markets across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Our software and business services play an essential role in addressing the challenges faced by global organizations and creating a roadmap to overcome them in the future. Credence Analytics solutions, coupled with expert support services, connect organizations’ data and critical business processes in ways that affect bottom line profitability and operational efficiency. Credence Analytics works closely with its partners to deliver high value solutions across all industries, supported by strong and proven implementation methodologies to support them and be their partner of choice.

Credence A Leading Provider Of Treasury, Investment, Wealth & Portfolio Management, Fund Administration, Investor Servicing And Risk Management Solutions

What does a partnership with Credence Analytics mean for you?

Proven solutions provider as your ally

Ceredence Proven solutions provider as your ally

Improved integration with a single code base designed for seamless execution

Recognized technology visionary and trusted by global organizations

“Future Ready Platforms” which can be delivered on the customer site or as a cloud based solution

Credence Creative Collaboration

Multiple types of agreements to satisfy different business objectives

Joint Business planning and execution to leverage each company’s strengths

Expert assistance from sales and technical teams in developing proposals and solution definition

Creative Collaboration

Training and Certification

Well-defined education plan for sales and technical support

Comprehensive training courses that cover both products and services

No cost for basic training. Partners are able to install and support customer sites

Certification training available. Partners are able to create complex business solutions including integration with customer core and line of business systems

3 dimensions of partner enablement: